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Study Tools - A Message Of Revelation to My Heart from the Word of the God of Israel Regarding the Identity of the Messiah.
Contains many in-depth studies of marvelous new divine revelations that are sure to shake the world, and keep you spellbound! Includes a vast collection of Biblical, historical, archaeological, botanical, and scientific insights along with beautiful photographs throughout its tantalizing 858 pages. Follow the intriguing events leading from one miracle to another until you see the testimony of the two witnesses unveiled, proving to the world that there is a God in Israel.

RESTORING THE NAME AND REPUTATION OF THE JEWISH MESSIAH. LEARN HIS HEBREW NAME. Rebecca Hazelton, who has lived in Israel, will take you on a spiritual archeological excavation to uncover what has gotten lost in translation, in transliteration, and in tradition over the centuries from the richness and depth of our Savior's Name.  if you love to dig into the Scriptures, do research to find original meanings of Hebrew words, and to learn how history affects our beliefs and understanding today, then you will love where this study takes you.

John 2:1 "And on a Tuesday a wedding took place...." Since "on the third day" (the literal Greek translated from the Hebrew) does not make sense, we translated it according to our Jewish culture, "on the third day/be yom shlishih/on a Tuesday." John. 2:4: "What have you and I (to do with this), woman?" "Mah li ve lach?" ("What I and you?") This is an obvious Hebraism. In what other language can you say that much with only four words? There are hundreds and hundreds of Hebraisms like these from every book in the Brit Khadasha listed verse by verse in this new book.

Olive Press Publisher
Middle East Conflict - PEACE IN JERUSALEM But the battle is not over yet! by Charles Gardner - HERE IS A MIDDLE EAST PEACE PROCESS THAT DOES NOT INVOLVE POLITICIANS OR BUREAUCRATS! A behind-the-scenes, real Middle East peace process in which Arabs, Palestinians, and Jews--spiritual leaders--from all over the Middle East came to Jerusalem in spite of adversity and danger to worship together, pray for each other, and tell their stories--all reported by seasoned British journalist, Charles Gardner.

Family of Messiah Fellowship - Jasper, TN
Congregations - Located in Jasper Tennessee (near Chattanooga) we are a small (so far) family oriented fellowship with Messianic leanings. We love having visitors so contact us if you are interested and we can provide you with directions and the time of our next meeting.

Rod Woodruff - Oye Israel

Music - Praise & Worship music. Oye Israel is Spanish for "Hear O Israel." Please visit our website for sample music and CD information.

Uncommon Journeys by Priscilla Lack

God invites each of us to walk with Him toward wholeness. Priscilla Lack's Uncommon Journeys clarifies the meaning of this journey, untangling misunderstandings often encountered along the way.

Topics include family dance systems, relationship admonitions, discernment, understanding triggers, the difference between healing and relief, and common attitudes toward feelings. Also covered are Scriptures and paradigms people cite when they are nervous about the idea of healing their hearts, including the deceitful heart.

This book will renew your understanding of how God values you and why He desires healing for your heart. The printed version includes an audio CD with healing prayers accompanying Zachary Bruno's piano music.

Messianic Judaism Class
An introductory course studying the depth of the Jewish/Hebrew roots of our faith. Created by Rabbi Jonathan Bernis, expanded by Rabbi David Levine and Rabbi Jim Appel.

Unlocking the Wounded Heart – by Priscilla Lack
Bookstore - Unlocking the Wounded Heart is appropriate for use by professionals, laypeople, individuals and small study groups. It's well organized format includes a variety of realistic tools for a genuine healing. Over 200 pages include projects, reflective questions, illustrations and sections for jotting personal discoveries. If you have longed for God's help in the midst of personal turmoil...if you're searching for strong connections between your heart and others' hearts, and with God's will find that Unlocking the Wounded Heart provides a spiritual yet practical path to your personal healing. The keys within this manual/workbook help you cultivate a deeper relationship with the Father and His love. Whatever your reasons for seeking your heart, this workbook gives specific direction how to get there.

Olive Oil Ministries - Rockford, IL 61107
We are a new Hebrew Roots fellowship meeting every Shabbat from 11-2 with praise worship teaching and ministry following. Location may change during feast day celebrations. Feel free to contact me w any questions. 815-394-1620 Pastor: Tim Monroe

Christianity Reconsidered by Warren Bowles
Christianity Reconsidered is the product of a former Christian pastor examination into some of the centuries-old teachings of the Church. His findings led him to a decision that changed his life. * the Church was born long before Messiah was, * it is important which day of the week you honor, * the Jesus preached by the Church is not the Messiah of the Bible, * the holidays of the Church have nothing to do with the birth, life or death of the Messiah, * the first believers, including the apostle Paul, did not abandon their Scriptural foundation. If you are willing to take the challenge, you may discover that what you know may not be so.

Shear Israel Central Texas Messianic Assembly - Austin
Congregations - We are an congregation of people who believe Yeshua (Jesus) Messiah is Yahweh’s (God’s) Son, and strive to walk in the same way He walked, heeding His Father’s Word, His Torah (Instructions). We are a Messianic congregation serving Austin, Texas, Round Rock, Georgetown, Cedar Park, Leander, and extending to Copperas Cove. We welcome visitors looking to learn more about the Hebraic roots of the entire Scriptures, who seek to worship Yahweh (God) according to how He said to do it, revealed in His Word. Please contact Larry Parks at 512-576-0644 for more information.

Melo HaGoyim Learning Center - 4370 Old Walkertown Road, Winston-Salem, NC 27105
MHG is a Torah based teaching Hebrew Messianic 100% Feast Keeping community. Our Sabbath services begin at 1:00 pm est with the blowing of the shofars each week which includes powerful live praise and worship, along with the reading of the weekly Torah portion, teachings on topics from congregational leaders and ministers, adult midrash, youth ‘kiddrash’ with oneg every third Shabbat. Our community is diverse concerning age groups and has something for everyone; Dance ministry, youth action ministry, community outreach, Set-Apart & Single Sisterhood (S.A.S.S.)…and more, this is why we say, “MHG, Where The Torah Is A Lifestyle”.

Brit Kodesh Messianic Assembly - Brownsville, Tn.
We are a Messianic, Torah observant assembly

Messianic Fellowship - West Palm Beach, FL
Paul Nison hosts a small Bible Study Home Group Fellowship. Contact 917-407-2270 for more details

Beit Midrash Tefillah Hallel Congregation  - Westchester, Illinois
Congregation - They Shepherd and lead a Messianic Fellowship "Beit Midrash Tefillah Hallel Congregation" (an outreach of Deborah's Messianic Ministries) which meets every Shabbat/Saturday at 1:30 PM at 4413 Roosevelt Rs. Suite 111A, Hillside, Illinois. Rabbi Scott & Deborah Brandt were Ordained as Rabbis 10 years ago under Rabbi Mordecai Silver of Etz-Chayim Tree of Life Ministries.  Deborah is currently working on her Honors Degree through the Judaic Studies Institute University and will go on to the Masters Program as well.  Rabbin Deborah is also part of the leadership team as Rosh/Head of Congregational Outreach of the Judaic Studies Institute and University. Rabbis Scott & Rabbin Deborah bring 40 years of Ministry Experience with them as they minister the truth from a  Messianic Jewish Perspective and the  teach restoration of the Whole House of Israel. Beit Midrash is also an approved Satellite School for the Judaic Studies Institute and University. We offer Children’s Ministry, Youth Ministry, Torah Classes, Hebrew Classes, Yeshiva Classes (separate from the JSI Studies) and much more!  Visit our website for more information.

Judaic Studies Institute and University - Las Cruses, New Mexico
School - Judaic Studies University PROGRAM OVERVIEW: This program, from certificate in Judaic Studies to Doctorate/Ph.D. in Judaic Studies, is a comprehensive series of tertiary qualifications with exit points for students, to be ordained and practice as Congregational Rabbis at Master’s Degree Level, and to continue on towards a Ph.D., and possible appointment as Professor with JSIU, which is accredited with Theological Accreditation International, United States. The level at which the various year programs are presented will enable the student to become well versed in Jewish Halachah (Law), Torah, Tanach, Jewish Ethics, the Oral Law and the Brit Hadassah, to name but a few, and New Testament Studies as foundational studies, with a very firm understanding and faith in Yeshua the Messiah of Yisrael.  The program is a modern system of Judaism, known as the Modern Judaic Movement, that can not only produce practicing Rabbis, but also Academics in the Field, all of whom will be able to converse on the deep aspects of Traditional Judaism with Rabbinical authorities worldwide.  The Judaic system thus combines the traditional aspects of Judaism with the New Testament believes of Yeshua and his Talmidim (disciples).  Many Rabbinical authorities and Academics in the Field of Study, is linked to the JSIU, making it representative of believers of the same faith worldwide.  Visit our website for full Prospectus and Application.

Etz-Chayim Tree Of Life Ministries - Las Cruces, New Mexico
Bookstore - Dr/Rabbi Mordecai Silver Ph.D is the owner of the Whole House of Israel e-mail list. He is the Director Tree of Life Messianic Ministries which handles Rabbi Mordecai's books and DVD set. Mordecai is the CEO of JSI – Judaic Studies Institute where the training of leaders for Yeshua and Torah is the core function of the ministry with locations in the United States, South Africa and Australia with new locations coming. JSI is a distance learning school with satellite locations. JSI has an accredited course from Certificate to Ph.D.  Please visit our website for more information on our Books and DVD’s.

King of Saints Tabernacle - Cleveland, Texas
Congregations - We are a Messianic Fellowship since 2003 and located just outside of Cleveland, Texas on FM1725 2 miles off of SH-105. Meeting Times:  Saturday/Sabbath at 10:15AM: Bible Study & 11:15 AM: Morning Worship. Wednesdays at 7PM for Praise/Prayer.  Everyone is welcome. You can reach us by phone: 281-592-4104 or 936-689-0935.

Light of the Menorah: Messianic Congregation - West Springfield, Massachusetts
Congregations - Light of the Menorah: Messianic Congregation is fired up for God. We meet every Sabbath(Saturday) morning at 11:00 am. All are welcome to come and join us in worshiping God and listening to his word.

Restoration Messianic Fellowship - Boulder, CO
Congregations - We are a Messianic congregation located West of Boulder, Colorado.

The Joy of Messiah Community - Winston Salem, North Carolina
Congregations - The Joy of Messiah Community is a Messianic congregation located in central North Carolina, Winston-Salem NC.We meet every Sabbath 3:00 PM.We offer Sabbath school for different age groups.Our corporate gathering involves Praise Dance,parashah reading and discussion. Oneg follows meeting.Our congregation consists of Jewish and non-Jewish believers in Yeshua. Congregational Leaders:Brian Melissa Robertson

Simchat Torah - Windsor Ontario Canada
We have a Friday night Shabbat Service, offer four Torah courses, courses on Judges, Daniel and Revelation from an Hebraic understanding. These courses are free and can be one on one that is at a weekly time that is convenient for you.

Chaim b'Mashiach (Life in Messiah) Hebrew Roots Fellowship - Conyers, GA
Our goal is about seeking God through the view of Hebrew understanding. We feel to truly understand the Bible, it helps to understand the view in which it was written from what traditions, and part of the world it was written in.  We want to bring our people Hebrew nuggets that will give them a better understanding of what the scriptures are saying to us now.   We study the whole Bible, our goal is to be a better witness to the Jewish people, to bring understanding to the non-Jews, to the history of their faith, and to blend them together to help bring healing to the world we are living in.

Messianic Apologetics
TNN comprises three websites and tries to discuss all manner of Biblically related issues. Topics exposited include: prophecy, eschatology, and current events (Tribnews); doctrine and apologetics (Theonews); and the Hebrew roots of Christianity with a Messianic Israel emphasis (Two-Housenews).

Outreach Israel
OIM is a Messianic educational ministry, which has been commissioned to reach, teach, encourage, and disciple those within the Commonwealth of Israel to return wholly to Him in spirit, soul, and body in the work of advancing His Kingdom until the Messianic restoration of all things.

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