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a person who takes part in an undertaking with another or others, especially in a business or company with shared risks and profits.

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Radiant Resume Services 
We are Messianic business owners that provide job search and career strategies including, professional resumes, cover letters, reference listings, interview strategies, career transition help, and evaluations to help improve customer service, sales, management skills and career transition.

Rose of Sharon Acres - Goat Milk Product
Rose of Sharon Acres, a Made in the USA company, offers natural handmade body care for discerning people. From our Tooth Chips TM - Soap for Teeth, to our gentle Extra Virgin Olive Oil based Goats Milk Soap (made with the creamy milk of our own Nubian herd) & skin loving Goat Milk Body Creams & Lotions / Herbal Salves , to Natural, SLS Free Shampoo Bars, we have something for every member of your family. We've also remembered your four footed family members with our line of Spaw Dawg - natural dog care products!

The Shofar Man
All Shofars are not created equal. Some have a very flat, muffled sound, while a select group have a very crisp, clear, vibrant, alive, victory shout type sound. The Shofar Man specializes in exceptional sounding Shofars with a crisp, clear, vibrant, alive sound.

Here To the Nations 
We are a full-service travel agency. Here To the Nations specialty is Israel. We also can assist you in your dream destinations for honeymoons, vacations, cruises and your business travel needs.

Leiter's Sukkah 
SHOWROOM: 1346 - 39th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11218 Phone: 718-436-0303, 718-436-0909 FAX: 718-871-7136 

Meshuga Mama
Life filled dreams from a Messianic perspective

Natural Linens Boutique
Natural Linens Boutique is a family-based, family-run business. We are a family striving to follow Torah in everything we do, including our business. Through our store, we promote the wise use of Yahweh's resources by offering reusable products for the home. We use 100% natural fabrics such as 100% organic cotton fabrics and 100% linen fabrics. We offer custom orders and also offer wholesale discounts. We love to use His business to encourage people in His truth for those who may not know our Messiah and are lost.

Olive Press Messianic and Christian Publisher
We are Olive Press Messianic and Christian Publisher. We publish books that teach Messianic Judaism to those new to it, that teach the Hebrew roots of our faith, that draw us closer to Yeshua, and that tell amazing stories of how Jewish people met the Messiah. 

LDS Mingle
Business - "With the online world expanding drastically that also makes a fantastic way to meet your future spouse online. If you want to get into the online dating community please look at the website to meet other people like yourself.”    
Business - Website for author, speaker, teacher and blogger, Tov Rose

Business - Challenging unG-dly perceptions in the Church with Biblical Truth

Healing Througout
Business - Apple Valley Ca Business "“I want to see my business not just as a source of income, but as a way to express my love for life and for others.”  -Cecil O.Kemp Jr. Welcome to Healing Throughout!  LIFE is BEAUTIFUL..once you experience the joy of it. "

Zinda Law Group, PLLC   
Business - Zinda Law Group is a nationwide personal injury law firm with offices across Arizona, Texas, Colorado, and New Mexico.

Chosen Web Host  
Business - Website hosting and design for people in the faith.We offer low cost, professional web hosting services world wide.