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Messianic Singles 4 Yeshua 
A place where Messianic Singles can meet, fellowship and find their soul mate. Membership is FREE!
A new website for Messianic singles.
It's such a great website for making new Messianic single friends, that EVERYONE IN OUR COMMUNITY (
including Married people) need to know about it.

Eddie Chumney
Find out about Eddie Chumney and his ministry, find his most up to date schedule, invite him to speak at your congregation, follow him on Facebook and Twitter, and so much more!

Experience Project: I Am Messianic
Anonymously connect with people who share your experiences-- like those who say 'I Am Messianic'. Read hundreds of true stories, share your own story anonymously, get feedback and comments, chat in the discussion forum, help others, meet new friends, and so much more-- all free.  

Fuentes en el Desierto Messianic Jewish Biblical Ministry Inc.
A husband & wife ministry teaching Christians about their Jewish roots and
Jews about their messiah (WARNING! Appearance of equating Islam & the Messianic lifestyle)

Autumn Bouquet
I am a 14 year-old homemaker in training, who is striving for YHWH... Wanting HIM to teach me more every day. I love to cook, read, play the guitar and respond to letters from friends. :D

one torah delighter's life
hi + welcome! this is about the 10th time i've changed blogs or blog titles but that's a part of who i am. i like change. i like raisin toast. i like the colour aqua. i like family traditions. i like a lot of things actually.

Serving the Creator in my rubber boots
Here are some words to describe me: redeemed by the blood, in covenant with YHVH, torah observant, knitter, shepherdess of goats and sheep, mommy of five, homeschooler, country girl, best friends with my hubby, writer, trying to be organized homemaker, dyer, and, of course, lovin’ my rubber boots! And to answer the all important question: What’s my favorite color? Yes! I love them all.

Heart Of Zion Messianic Community
An Online Messianic Community welcoming Jews, Messianic Jews and Christians in the search of truth and fellowship. Messianic Shopping, Forums, Chat, Reviews, Inspiration, devotions, ecards, poetry and testimonies, contests...and more!

Your Texas Cash Master
These are DannyLee's writings concerning Scripture as he examines them and his lifestyle as a Hebrew (seed of Abraham).

Torah-morphosis - Transforming a life with HIS Word
This blogsite is a "book in progress" that details the personal journey of SueJean from Christian to Hebrew as HE leads her by HIS Holy Spirit and HIS Word. 

Tsiyon Bound
This blog details the travels/lifestyles of DannyLee and SueJean as they live the RV life and travel the U.S. to share their music and love of Torah while seeking out the Remnant.

Spiritual Babies
Messianic believers walking the Torah and blogging each step. Teaching as we learn about Messiah.
Personals / Singles - MESSIANICSOULMATE.COM - CONNECTING MESSIANIC HEARTS! Recently launched, was created to provide an online community for Messianic Singles to connect with other Messianic Singles in search of their beshert, or soul mate. Additionally, because friendships are important too, we also provide opportunities to make friends in the Single Messianic world.