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Poseys Place 
Ministry primarily to women and families providing homemaking, cooking, recipes, decor, how to celebrate the Biblical feast days, Shabbat, natural/Biblical health, Torah topics, praise and worship and more.

Jewish Life Organized
We take the overwhelm out of organizing the Jewish Holidays and homemaking- and source information, articles, resources, and free printables that you can use now, to help you improve your homemaking and organizing abilities, whether you've been a homemaker now for over 20 years or even before you become a homemaker! There really is no "We" behind this website.

Debbie Secan started her undergraduate degree at The Rhode Island School of Design, and then moved to Israel and finished her B.S. in Textile Design at Shenkar College of Fashion and Textile Technology in Ramat Gan. She lived in Israel for 7 years designing fabrics for an Israeli mill called Ramtex, LTD. Upon moving back to the US, she continued her textile design career at Richloom Fabrics in NYC. Debbie recently completed her Master’s of Art & Design degree from North Carolina State University where her work focused on the design of Jewish textiles.

Women and Niddah
Niddah is a time of sexual separation during the wife's monthly menstrual cycle, referred to as her 'days of separation.' The command is found in Torah: "And if a woman have an issue, and her issue in her flesh be blood, she shall be put apart seven days: and whosoever toucheth her shall be unclean until the even. And every thing that she lieth upon in her separation shall be unclean: every thing also that she sitteth upon shall be unclean" Leviticus 15:19,20

Chabad - The Jewish Woman
This site was created for you, the undefinable Jewish woman. We hope to challenge your mind, tug at your heart, stimulate your soul and ease your life. Thank you for joining us. Sara Esther Crispe, Editor

Jewish Women's Archive
A national non-profit organization founded in 1995, the Jewish Women's Archive is devoted to making known the stories, struggles, and achievements of Jewish women in North America in order to enrich the way we understand the past and to ensure a more inclusive future. JWA has amassed the most extensive collection of material anywhere on American Jewish women, and it can be accessed for free by anyone with an Internet connection. Our website is a destination for people seeking knowledge, a sense of connection and community, and a way to affirm and enhance the legacy of American Jewish women.

Jewish Women in History

The Fly Lady!
So you think FlyLady can help you organize your house and your life? Maybe she can help you declutter your house? Set up your routines? Now you want to know - just who is this FlyLady person? And who is this Kelly that people are talking about? Well, FlyLady and Kelly are real people. We are "SHEs". We are not perfect, but we have learned to get our own homes and lives in order and most importantly, we have been where you are now. Welcome to!

Sarah's Tent
Shalom uv'rachah b' Yeshua Ha Mashiach! (Peace and blessings in Messiah Yeshua) Welcome to Sarah's Tent, an online magazine published quaterly for Messianic women. This is a Messianic ministry whose aim is to support, instruct, and encourage believing women as they answer the Father's call to live out their redemptive walk by coming into Torah obedience. Issues that are discussed in the tent are: Torah, The Kingdom, family issues, kosher cooking, and activities for children. Whether you have been on this walk for years, days, or there has been a stirring in your heart, and you want to know more, it is my sincere hope that this site will be a blessing to you.

Messianic Women
We have monthly meetings which are held in the different homes or clubhouses of the women in the congregation. Our monthly gatherings have a different theme that may revolve around an upcoming holiday or joyful event in the lives of our women.

A little bit of everything for women
An informative batch of links.

Just Give Me The Truth
I cried out to the Father, the Most High God, "Just Give Me The Truth!"and since then He has revealed many truths to me. When I asked Him what I should name this website He said, "the same thing you said to Me several years ago, "Just give me the truth!"

Kosher Casual - Modest Clothing for the Modern Lifestyle
Kosher Casual offers a range of high quality, competitively-priced, modern and modest clothing all m ad e in Israel . We manufacture goods mostly for women, teens, and girls. We have a huge selection of skirts as well as ¾ sleeve layering tops. We also offer some creative modest clothing accessory solutions as well such as our original Sleevies and TeeNecks.  

Natural Parenting Tips
Natural Parenting Tips is a site about raising children in the best way we can. We provide tips and advice on all things parenting. All we hope from this site is to provide a positive presence in parenting and help the children of today live life to their fullest potential, physically and mentally. We also hope that we can provide reassurance and support for you, the parent. Enjoy!

Kosher In The Kitch
Recipes for the kosher kitchen! When Nina Safar is not updating recipes on Kosher in the Kitch, she enjoys playing hostess. Never having too much time in the kitchen, she enjoys recipes that taste great and are easy to make. Browse through the site to find your next favorite dish!

Rebecca At The Well
Welcome to the Messianic teaching minstry of Rebecca Park Totilo. We hope you find her studies on the Hebrew roots of the Christian faith inspirational and refreshing as you prepare as the Bride of Christ.

Above Rubies
Above Rubies is a ministry to encourage women in their high calling as wives, mothers, and homemakers. Its purpose is to uphold and strengthen family life and to raise the standard of God's truth in the nation.

Candlelighters: a place for women who cherish the Torah
A place for women who cherish the Torah - providing connections and resources for women dedicated to keeping the mitzvot.

Home Made Simple 
At Home Made Simple, it’s the personal touch that matters most. Whether it’s a delicious recipe, an inspiring décor idea or a refreshing approach to organizing, we strive to help you create a home that’s truly your own. Everything we do here is designed to empower and inspire you to make your home even better, and most importantly, a place you love to be.

Desiring to Worship in Spirit and Truth
Thought provoking blog of a Torah observant Mother and Wife. The deeper issues of Torah are explored in how we relate to one another and the world around us in the example we set. Some of the postings are challenging and some comical. 

Kingdom Paths
Promotes the education about, wearing and use of 100% Linen and living a messianic lifestyle. The use of natural products to promote and maintain health and wellbeing.

The Raw Mommy Blog
This site shares Raw food (vegan) recipes prepared by a Messianic mother determined that her family eats healthy meals and also honest reviews by her family. These kids can be brutally honest! They are happy to share their fun journey and recipes with you.

Natural Linens Boutique
Natural Linens Boutique is a family-based, family-run business. We are a family striving to follow Torah in everything we do, including our business. Through our store, we promote the wise use of Yahweh's resources by offering reusable products for the home. We use 100% natural fabrics such as 100% organic cotton fabrics and 100% linen fabrics. We offer custom orders and also offer wholesale discounts. We love to use His business to encourage people in His truth for those who may not know our Messiah and are lost.

Messianic Keepers at Home
Messianic Keepers at Home is a forum where women go to encourage one another in our walk with the Messiah. There is a broad spectrum of women there, including many who are new to the faith and "curious Christians". But most importantly, it is a safe place to ask questions, discuss halacha, Scriptures, daily living, pray for one another, homeschooling, homesteading, and all facets of life.
Women's Quarter - offers free teachings and resources for women who have the desire to learn more about Torah and how to properly apply the teachings of Torah to our daily live.

Women’s Quarter