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Torah Tots
A Jewish site for kids

Torah Aura Productions
Great resources for books on every Jewish subject

Judah's Glory
Our objective is to manifest the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ, to restore and defend Jewish souls, to teach Christians of their truly Jewish heritage.

Modest Clothing for Women & Girls
Beautiful modest clothing for women and girls.  Hats, snoods, scarves, books and jewelry.  All products are shipped direct from Israel.

Morningstar Inspirations
nformation on the Messianic faith, articles, activities for children, and software.

Club Maccabee
Club Maccabee is a specially designed program to assist in the efforts of Congregations and Outreaches to teach Jewish children the truths of Scripture in a fun Jewish environment. Like the Maccabees of Jewish history, we want children to learn to stand up for God!

Purple Pomegranate Productions
We strive to be the leading provider of Messianic resources that enable Jewish and Gentile Believers to better understand the roots of their faith, and to strengthen their witness to our unsaved Jewish people worldwide.

Adat Shalom Messianic Congregation - Dallas, TX
Adat Shalom is a congregation of believers, both Jews and Gentiles, who have joined together for the main purpose of reaching out to the Jewish community with the good news of the Jewish Messiah.

Camp Yeshua
A group for anyone who has been to Camp Yeshua and wants to stay connected to their friends they met at the first and greatest Messianic Youth Summer Camp.

Camp Kesher 
There's something about the summer camp setting that generates joy and excitement in a young person! You've probably noticed that something precious is missing in the Messianic world...namely, opportunities for our kids to create their own communities in a thoroughly Messianic context, in addition to their congregational experience. When Messianic children from different parts of the country connect in a fun and meaningful way, it enlarges their vision of the Messianic community worldwide, and enhances its sense of importance. Camp Kesher exists to help fill this void, and to help our children form a well-rounded Messianic identity that they will carry them on to young adulthood and beyond.  

Oorah, which means "Awaken," was founded in 1980 with the goal of awakening Jewish children and their families to their heritage. We seek out families who are interested in enriching their spiritual lives, and provide them with the right resources to succeed. We enable children to enroll in Jewish day schools or yeshivos, where they receive a full religious and secular education straight through high school. While the children learn and grow, we bring adult education opportunities to the parents, as well as all the ritual objects and support they need to live a full Jewish life.

Illuminating Online

A growing Online Book and Media Product Store containing some of the BEST Illustrated Children's and Kid's Books: Themes are Christian, Messianic, Fictitious; Uniquely Illustrated Cartoon Bibles; Christian Devotionals; Suspense Fiction Novels; and the BEST of POP, R&B, Ballads, and Christian and Inspirational Music.

Life of Worship - Amarillo, TX
Life of Worship is a Spirit-filled and led Hebrew Roots congregation. Through in-depth teaching of the Torah and the whole Word of Yahweh, understanding the Hebraic culture and framework, and passionate worship; believers are impacted for eternity. We desire to see a fire and a passion for Yeshua ignited in every generation, so a lifestyle of true worship and Truth-seeking in today’s culture is developed. We desire to glorify the Father in every thought and idea that we present and to provide a place for truth seekers to ask hard questions and find solid, Scriptural answers that are not skewed by denominational biases or prejudices. We want to demonstrate God’s unconditional love and transforming power to the people of the Amarillo and beyond. We bring in speakers and worship leaders about once per month to bring the Hebrew Roots/Messianic congregations together.